Feliz Cumpleaños Jaycee
Feliz cumpleaños Jaycee

De: Yolmer
Para: Jaycee

barra corazon

I love you madly and I give you my whole heart
 There are no words to explain the great things I feel for you, you are that reason for living and that motivation that always encourages me to do everything and achieve my goals, you are my everything and you are my whole life, without you I would be so lost I would not know what to do for you I would give everything even my own life and I would not think twice you are an angel and seriously I am very happy and grateful that you have come into my life you have changed it so much I love you with all my heart for me you are the best no I know what I would be without you right now you make me feel on top of the world and the luckiest man in the world thank you for everything my beautiful princess I am eternally grateful the things you do for me always leave me speechless just like all your photos I love and they always leave me with my mouth wide open I will never separate from you for anything or anything in the world you are my goddess I want that day to come when I ask you to marry me I already want you to be my wife here I hope our moon arrives of honey and I already want that day to come when you tell me that you are pregnant I love you madly and you are the best for me thanks for always being there for me and for putting up with my nonsense I know it is not something easy but every day you show me the great love you have for me and that makes me feel in paradise Your words, your smile, your body, your voice, your eyes, your face all of you my love gives me a lot of strength you are a princess and you are my entire happiness!!


barra corazon
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